Jarvis is a powerful framework of Joomla templating with essential features for faster and easier web development such as fully responsible layout, easy installer, customization, steady updates, sleekness, intuitiveness.



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Jarvis Overview

The Jarvis Framework is your best choice to get a system of rich responsive templates quickly, easily, and completely. Jarvis makes it easy to develop and control Joomla templates for both you and your clients. The framework gives youa flexibility to build rich responsive websites that are mobile ready and packed with great features. All thesewould make your websites be visually appealing, professional and user friendly. 



Jarvis Features




Layout Builder

The powerful Jarvis layout builder makes it easy to create and custom your template layout.  The framework gives you a flexibility to build layout for each screen resolution: Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small. 



Fully Responsive

The Framework help you to easily adapt your website to its width and look great even on Large, Medium, XTablet, Tablet and Mobile.






Unlimited Module Positions

Jarvis framework allows you to create, edit or change Module Position depending on your wants. It will be integrated into Layout Builder when you create row or column. There are no limitations in creating the new modules & positions.




Font Option

You can be easy to use and custom fonts from google, and especially it supports also Font Awesome.  





RTL Language Support

Jarvis has owned a system of RTL (Right to Left)-support languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, etc  



Powered By BootStrap

Bootstrap provides a set of stylesheets that style definitions of all key HTML components.






Rich Typography

Bootstrap provides developers with convenient typography features Thanks to it, they can be easier to create headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, forms, and buttons along with other elements in making your website more beautiful.



Shortcode Support

The Jarvis Framework provides lots of useful Shortcodes. It's making easy for everyone to add extra features into website.






Logo Option

You can add your logo with option Normal or High DPI. Even you can create a custom html module and insert your logo on your website.




CSS customizable

Jarvis allows adding more addition styles for your website and add custom css without editing css file from template.





Google Analytics

Users can easily integrate Google Analytics Code on their website and can maintain all the features that Google Analytics are providing.




Presets Manager

With this feature, you can be easy to control or redesign the look of your website by selecting your preset style that you want.




You can login first and download this package, it includes Jarvis, Starter template and Shortcode plugins: Download Jarvis Package Version 1.1.0


1. Prepare a fresh Joomla! 3 installation.

2. Please extract downloaded file first, install the plg_jarvis.zip, active it. Then install starter template (tpl_omstarter.zip).

You can install shortcode plugins if you want.



1. Backup your site first (or backup template settings via tab Advanced > Maintenance)

2. Install plg_jarvis.zip via Extension Manager




Version 1.1.0 r75 (2015-03-25)
  • + Improve Layout Builder:
    • + Show id and class of element
    • + Marker for hidden element
    • + Able to hide/show element (row, colum) on homepage
    • + Add "Default" option for visibility setting
    • + Add repeat option for section background
    • ^ Fixed issue: visibility settings
    • ^ Fixed issue: Grid for xsmall screen
  • ^ Fixed issue: Do not save settings if setting capacity over 65535 (data type: TEXT), causes unexpected blank layout after save. Solution: Jarvis now use its own table for template settings.
  • ^ Fixed issue: bug when choose menu item to another template style which is not Jarvis based
  • ^ Fixed issue: favicon issue with Joomla 3.4 on Windows
  • + New feature: Allows users to add Google fonts and Adobe Edge fonts to collection, then selected fonts appear to select on style settings
  • - Remove heading style settings


Version 1.0.0 r40 (2014-12-02)
  • ^ Fixed bug template style menu assignment doesn't work when enable "Search Engine Friendly URLs".
  • + Add heading font style (B, U, I, S) output.
  • ^ Fix array type in CheckboxList.php


Version 1.0.0

First release.



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