This article will introduce the installation and use of this theme and reveals answers to common problems and issues.

I encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.

We recommend that you should install QUICKSTART package (if you did not) on your local machine or on any testing host to walk around configured options of theme and modules. It will be better than just reading this post only.



1. Theme's hook diagram


OT Malesuada theme hooks
Figure 1: Position diagram of OT Malesuada theme hooks



module and hook
Figure 2: Module and hook of theme OT Malesuada on Large screen


Figure 3: How to install theme and module package on existing site


Figure 4: How to install quickstart demo package


We're highly recommend to use quickstart demo package to start a new site for your store!


2. Theme style configuration

Basically, after install the theme package, the default theme style is also installed so you may not have to configure anything. The default theme style include preset colors, typography, etc., are configured to have the site match the design.

You may want to change logo, add Google Analytic code, custom some typo or add some custom CSS code, etc. These works should be done by working in omegathemoption module. We built a theme option to help you do these things more easily, intuitively and quickly.


Virtuemart Products modules
Figure 5: Configuring images


3. Modules configuration



3.1. Theme Option module

Figure 6: Theme option module



3.2. Theme configuration modified


We're use this module to show html item into block displayTop and displayHome hook

Virtuemart Products modules
Figure 7: Html custom of themeconfiguratormodified module



3.3. Top Horizontal Menu


Top horizontal menu
Figure 8: Top horizontal menu


HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayTop (Top of Page)" hook..


3.4. Image slider for your homepage


image slider for your homepage
Figure 9: Image slider for your homepage


 HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayTopColumn hook..


3.5. Featured products on the homepage


Featured products on the homepage
Figure 10: Featured products on the homepage


 HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayHome" hook..


3.6. Home Specials block


Home Specials block
Figure 11: Home Specials block

 HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayHome" hook..


3.7. Home Manufacturers block


Home Manufacturers block
Figure 12: Home Manufacturers block


HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayHome" hook..


3.8 . OT Custom HTML Copyright


OT Custom HTML Copyright
Figure 13: OT Custom HTML Copyright


HOOK: Default hook of this module is "displayCopyright" hook..


4. Other Modules

For others things, please open configuration page of theme option module and find module show at home page with hooks