unanswered Heat Press Recommendations for Printing at Home?

3 years 3 days ago - 3 years 1 day ago #9615 by Gabriel Humus
I'm looking for the heat press solution I can be used in a chamber home and I hope somebody could help me with my hopes for some suggested solutions here. Since release tins need ventilation, I do not have that option. Is sublimation or transfer paper the way I think is the way I can go? What's good quality going to have? I hope these are not easy to peel.
Let me know please heatpress machine reviews at topvinylcutters , whether this is the right place to post it and if I should post it somewhere better.
What I am looking for:
  • Photographic Prints (See list of examples below)
  • 100% Cotton Black Shirts (Open to other materials, sometimes I'll print on white and rarely on a different colored shirt)
  • Around 14x16 print area (Something close to this)
  • For use in my bedroom (No discharge inks)
  • Looking for a printer solution as well that will compliment the press
  • Papers to use?
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