With school start times varying from late August to early September, back-to-school promotions don’t begin on a particular date. Sales often begin anywhere from mid to late July, continue through August, and end in mid-September.
Big brands like Amazon or Nike start their back-to-school campaigns early. Actually, it’s never too early to plan for a season that comes around once a year. Depending on your supply chain, business processes, and capacity, it’s good practice to prepare for the back-to-school season a few months in anticipation or just run a . Here are some highlighted marketing ideas for this year's BTS season (the first BTS season after 2 years of Covid).

Here are some highlighted marketing ideas for this year's BTS season (the first BTS season after 2 years of Covid).

1. Use social media to create high engagement
2. Run a giveaway campaign
3. Offer future-use coupons
4. Organize a photo or video contest
5. Partner with a local organization/ sponsor an in-school retail event

Consider a few back-to-school marketing ideas to ensure your customers know of any special deals and promotions long before the school year begins.


1. Use social media to create high engagement

Parents are hanging out and socializing with other parents on social media. What better place to engage them with your best offers?

You should upload most of your back-to-school marketing efforts on social media channels. Social media usage is increasing, even among users aged 65 and up. Adults spend an average of 95 minutes per day on one of the leading social media apps.

Over 90% of businesses use social media in their marketing, and its process has shown results from surveyed customers. Pick your preferred media channels, be it social networks like Twitter, media sharing sites like Pinterest, or other community-oriented sites. And most importantly, it is FREE traffic.

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2. Host a giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is another way to create excitement among your customers. A giveaway is a win-win situation for both parents and merchants. You get a chance to spread the word about your BTS deals, and parents get a chance to win some BTS supplies.
A successful giveaway campaign can be done with the help of social media. The key is to create a mini-contest compelling enough that it gets plenty of referrals and sales in the process

3. Offer future-use coupons

Offer discount coupons your customers can use for future school purchases. These coupons can be a helpful way to increase repeat sales, even after the back-to-school sales are over. It’s a good idea to deploy some specific retention strategies to increase revenue.

4. Organize a photo or video contest

Make your BTS campaign fun by hosting a photo or video contest. You can ask customers to post a photo or video on a particular back-to-school theme on their social media profile, tagging your account. And give a special award to the winner with the most likes and comments later. These activities can make your social media viral, and your brand will rocket on all social platforms.

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5. Partner with a local organization/sponsor an in-school event

Buyers generally want to show support for their local community. By partnering with a local organization by either sponsoring them or funding a local back-to-school initiative, you can increase awareness of your back-to-school promotions and ensure parents know of your deals.

For example, your brands can sponsor several disabled students in the school by giving support of tuition or schooling bundles such as books, bags, or your own products (which is suitable for students).
Announce for local parents about your store event for back-to-school with Facebook Events.


There’s no shortage of back-to-school ideas merchants can execute to increase sales and revenue. With some strategies and a bit of try-and-test, it becomes easier to find what fits your store and business model.
Hopefully, these suggestions can bring you some insights and inspiration to draw from as you prepare your marketing strategy for BTS. The key is always to prepare your back-to-school campaign in advance.
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