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Design: Responsive (Bootstrap 3), Sharp on all devices
Compatibility: Joomla! 2.5
Extension version: 1.0.0
Release date: 10/24/2011 - USA
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Using new Google Maps API, this module allows you to show the static map or dynamic map with one or multiple address input. Simple to use, suitable for your Joomla website.

OT Maps Module Introduction

OT - Maps using new Google Maps API, it's faster, simple to use, suitable for your Joomla website, contact page is a pretty example. This module show the map with one or multiple address input. Map type can be static or dynamic (Google Maps API V3).

+ Using static map is suitable for only one address map or addresses are close to each other and suitable for slow internet connection or bandwidth limitation. Using static map, you can using label for markers, change markers' color and size.

+ Using dynamic map is suitable for multiple address, scroll view and more things.

Demo and download


Download OT Maps Free Joomla 1.7 Module