Besides Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp is becoming the most popular message app worldwide. By using this, you can build up a stronger relationship with your customers, support them with their purchase in the real time. 


What you can get from our new feature? 

  • Whatsapp opens automatically on PC and on mobile phone. The customers don’t need to add your phone number in their contact list, just one click, they can send a message directly to you. 
  • Add supporter to your contact list: you can add name, role and different phone number of the supporter in the list, for example: sales, support, booking. 
  • Set up a pre-filled message when a customer contacts you, so the customers do not have to text at the beginning. 
  • Option for sharing current page URL: you can choose to let the app share you the current page that the buyers send the message from you online store
  • Customize function of template, chat icon, supporter avatar is available. 

The demand of text messages is increasing dramatically due to its effectiveness and simplicity. With this new feature, now businesses can reach more potential customers of What’s app users. Try this function at your store now! CTA buttons by Omega 

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