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Your Guide to Shopify Product Badges (2023)

Shopify product badges are a great way to highlight your products and drive sales. They can indicate a sale, new arrivals, limited-edition items, or anything else you want to draw attention to.

In this blog post, we'll take a quick look at what Shopify product badges are, the different types you can use, and how to add them to your store. We'll also discuss the benefits of using these product badges and give you some tips on using them effectively.

How to start a Print on Demand Business to sell Jewelry on Shopify

You might have heard of print-on-demand T-shirts, print-on-demand books, or print-on-demand mugs, but do you know that jewelry can also be a profitable
print-on-demand product? If you want to sell this lucrative niche but don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

Facebook Event Match Quality - Everything you need to know to score Great

Unless you are looking to waste more Ads Spend on junk audiences, Event Match Quality should earn the right amount of your attention. This article shows you how to stay on top of this tech when you set up your Facebook Pixel, even if you don’t have a huge budget for it. The end goal? Maximize conversion, minimize cost.

Why you need Aggregated Event Measurement, now.

If the IOS 14 has been spinning your head around almost to the point of quitting, there is something that you’d hate yourself later because you didn’t pay enough attention to it. It’s Aggregated Event Measurement. Do it right, you’ll stay on top of the tracking game despite the IOS axe in your back. And not to worry, this article will keep the jargon to the minimum. Let’s go!

Why Facebook might over report or under report your conversion and the best workaround [2022]

Have you ever scratched your heads trying to understand why Facebook could be so stingy on reporting your actual sales? Think you got 5 hard-earned sales today but Facebook only reports 2?

And how about a time when you don’t spend a thing on a day, or campaigns have been turned off, but you see sales reported to it? Was it a ghost doing that?

This article will investigate it in simple terms, but detailed enough to inform your next action.

The BFCM’ 22 is coming close, don’t have a shot in the dark on a tight Facebook ad budget.

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