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7 Ways to Make The Best Out Of Discounts Without Impacting Your Store (part 2)

Moving on to part 2 we are going to talk about the last 3 steps to use discounts correctly. 

7 Ways to Make The Best Out Of Discounts Without Impacting Your Store (part 1)

Do you think discounts somehow hurt your brand? 

Well, it varies between people's perspectives. It’s no secret that discounts and promotions bring in more sales, but is it a good long term strategy or a cheap trick?

In this post, we are going to discuss 7 ways to increase revenue and not hurt your brand at the same time while promoting your sales.

A Scientific Approach: Why do Discounts Appeal to the Human Psyche?

If presented with the three options below, which do you think would yield the most?

  1. A ring from $75 marked down to $25
  2. Get a shirt for $80 and take the second one at $50% off
  3. Save $400 on a TV at $1,999

How to optimize Shopify sales using discount strategies

According to a research conducted by PriValEdge, companies that apply good discount rules can see a 5% increase in volumes and 60% increase in profit. With the help of Quantity Price Breaks  e-sellers use time-limited discount on products to trigger motivation and human's sense of urgency, if clients don’t purchase at the discounted price, they might miss out on saving money if they hesitate and buy it later.

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