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7 Innovative Ways QR Codes Excel in Business

7 Innovative Ways QR Codes Excel in Business

Elevate Your Business: QR Codes Redefined! Discover 7 game-changing uses, create instantly with our free generator. Dive in now and lead the digital wave!

How to set up a delivery date picker for your Shopify online store without any coding?

How to set up a Delivery Date Picker for your Shopify online store without any coding?

70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. And one of the top reasons for this is the lack of delivery date options. In fact, according to a survey by MetaPack, 55% of online shoppers would abandon their cart if delivery options don't meet their expectations. As an e-commerce merchant, you can't afford to ignore the importance of providing a seamless delivery experience for your customers. That's where a delivery date picker comes in. By adding this simple tool to your Shopify store, you can allow customers to choose the date and time that suits them best, resulting in fewer abandoned carts and increased customer satisfaction

And the best part? You don't need to be a coding expert to set it up. In this blog post, we'll show you how to add a delivery date picker to your Shopify store without any coding.

BFCM 2022: How do you compete for attention if everyone is offering great deals?

It's not difficult to realize how lively stores are getting and how busy merchants can be. They are setting up and running marketing campaigns with thousands of attractive offers for their customers as the biggest sales season of the year is approaching, Black Friday - Cyber Monday.  It's also the most anticipated time of the year by shoppers, they spend more, allowing merchants to push sales and clear inventory.

So a question is raised here, how to make your business stand out from the crowd when you cannot give your customer better discounts or promotions than your competitors? 

Let's dive into the article, you will find the answer!

Exceptional online shopping experience with Group Order! Why haven't you tried it yet?

Suppose that while surfing the internet, you stumble onto a very attractive jumpsuit whose design is not sold anyplace in your country. The shipping fee for an international order is incredibly expensive—nearly as much as the outfit. Will you abandon the cart or continue shopping and pay for the costly shipping?

Group Order is here, an unbeatable solution that may help you do group ordering with ease, save your money, and improve your online shopping experience

There're tons of other situations in which Group order may help. Let's dive into the article, you'll grab:

  • What's Group Order and What's Group Order used for?
  • Great benefits of joining a group order
  • Group Order trend-Discover the trend before it’s trending  

Unbeatable Average Order Value (AOV) growth strategy you've never heard of

 What metrics do you track to grow your business?

One of the most crucial metrics to assess the health of your business is Average Order Value (AOV). You may already be aware of a variety of strategies to increase AOV, such as Upsells, Cross-sells, Product bundling, or Free shipping with min order value. However, there is another method—Group Order—to amazingly improve AOV that you might not have tried. Big Sale season Black Friday Cyber Monday(BFCM) is coming, read the article below to discover how amazingly Group Order function can maximize and level up your average order value.

 Go through the article and you'll grab:

  1. What's Average Order Value (AOV) and how to calculate it
  2. How Group Order helps you increase your AOV
  3. How to enable Group Order function for your online store

Check it out and make more money now!

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