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Tactics to Implement for Online Word of Mouth

With word of mouth marketing, the focus switches from collecting likes and followers to actively establishing a connection with customers. This is in order to achieve brand awareness for your business. Here are some proven WOMM techniques that can help your business grow.

How Online Word of Mouth Marketing Benefits Every Business

When you hear the term “marketing,” you might think of catchy slogans, social media posts, television commercials, and bright ads. Yet, one form of marketing that often gets overlooked is what we call “word of mouth” marketing. Despite it falling by the wayside, it’s a type of marketing that you’re all too familiar with because it is just more than a conversation. Read on to know how beneficial eWOM marketing is. 

Characteristics of Online Word of Mouth

According to a study conducted by Davis and Alanah, there are four main characteristics that mostly contribute to online WOM. The following subsections will discuss volume, valence, visual cues as well as reviewer type in greater detail. 

How To Deal With Six Main Types of Reviewer Respectively

Responding to reviews is a way of showing how much you care about the customer experience — as well as being a way to boost a few more local SEO points. All reviews should be acknowledged promptly, but it’s easy to succumb to temptation and respond to a negative review as soon as you see it. Before being impulsive, pay attention to the six core types of reviewers so you can come up with an appropriate, effective response to fit.


Review Manipulation and How To Distinguish Writing Styles

What is review manipulation?

Manipulation of reviews occurs when online sellers/brands disguise themselves as customers and write feedbacks for those companies they work for. Hence, manipulation particularly means that the posted review is not a truthful account of a real customer’s experience.

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