DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup

Why aren't you riding the cross-border shopping wave just yet?

Overseas shopping is the new billion-dollar business, and people are willing to spend higher on overseas goods. Why is it happening and at which rate? What do customers think when they place their orders from abroad?

Raise e-commerce standard with Group order, the future of online shopping

You’re hauling for your wardrobe, you’re done with your shopping on this site, but the cart’s total is $10.01 shy of the free shipping offer threshold. What do you do now? Pay the shipping fee? Or pick more things to meet the requirement? 

Group order: Rolling out for all Shopify stores in the coming time

If you're looking for a solution to encourage purchases on your Shopify stores without having to join third parties and pay them commissions, this article is what you need.

This article will address all of your inquiries on Group order and the way to enable this function for your Shopify stores for free

You’ll grab:

  1. What’s Group order?
  2. What’s Group order used for?
  3. What are the benefits of joining a group order?
  4. DingDoong offers the group order function for all Shopify stores for free
  5. How does DingDoong’s group order function work?

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How to Restrict Delivery Areas for your Shopify store with Shopify Shipping Restrictions

This article will show you how to change Shipping settings in Shopify and use a Shopify app to limit locations to which deliveries are permitted.

You'll grab:

  1. Shopify Shipping Restrictions: Limit where your product can be shipped
  2. Local delivery: A shipping strategy for small business owners
  3. Why you should restrict delivery areas for Shopify local delivery
  4. How to restrict delivery areas by changing Shipping settings in Shopify
  5. How to restrict delivery areas by using a Shopify app

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scheduled delivery, let customer to choose delivery date&time

Scheduled Delivery: How to let customers choose their preferred delivery date and time

This article will address all of your inquiries on the scheduled delivery and simple steps to set it up in Shopify stores

You’ll grab:

  • What the scheduled delivery is and how to set it up basically
  • Why you should make it part of your delivery offer
  • How to offer scheduled delivery with DingDoong app

If you are finding an ideal solution to power your business, let’s enjoy the article.

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